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Here you can find a discussion of the changes that were made
to the original script during production and post-production.

Also, there's a compiled list of goofs
- mostly due to continuity errors and a few dodgy effects!

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S C R I P T    C H A N G E S

Lots of things were changed from the original script, some as a result of Brandon Lee's death
(see Accidents section), some for other reasons entirely.

Characters that were cut:

# Early versions of the script described an Asian menace who wanted to steal Eric's powers for his own evil use. This character was dropped, at the request of Brandon Lee himself. Top Dollar's role was then expanded and his half-sister/lover Myca was invented to keep some of the mystic elements.The Skull Cowboy

# The Skull Cowboy is seen only 3 times in the graphic novel, but it was decided to make him Eric's first source of information. At first he just tells Eric to "Follow the crow", but appears later to explain more including that Eric will bleed if he works for the living (see section below on filmed scenes). Director Alex Proyas cut the Skull Cowboy for a variety of reasons, but mostly because his scenes became somewhat redundant. Alex was also not entirely happy with the effects used to create the character. Michael Berryman, who played the character, is said to be disappointed that his performance did not reach the big screen.

Scenes that were filmed, then cut:

# Early in the film, we see T-Bird and co. valdalise then blow up Arcade Games. Originally, they victimized a woman called Alison and left her to die in the explosion. Eric, following the crow, gets to the building just after it explodes. It is with Alison dying in his arms that Eric gets the first of his 'memory flashes' - he sees Tin-Tin and T-Bird menacing their most recent victim, Alison. This gives Eric clues as to what happened to him and Shelley, and also serves as a preview to us of Eric's powers, and what is to come.

# Scenes featuring the Skull Cowboy were filmed (see characters section, above).

# The scene where T-Bird and Skank set out on another arson run was originally longer. T-Bird sends Skank to get "Smokes and road beers.", and Skank obligingly goes into a store to purchase them. As originally filmed, two pre-teens enter the store with automatic weapons and appropriate Skank's .45. When Skank runs out of the store to see why T-Bird's driving off, he gets shot in the leg with his own gun; you may notice he is limping before he gets hit by the guy in the small red car. However, the limp doesn't look at all odd after that as you assume it's from the car accident.

# The following scene was edited out because of the removal of the Skull Cowboy character (see above).Funboy behind Eric    The scene when Eric deals with Funboy had a second fight at the end, where Eric is wounded. In the scene (as we see it), Eric shoots Funboy in the leg and drags him into the bath, turning on the shower (it surprises me that the shower actually worked, given the general state of the apartment...). Eric then talks to Darla, and we see the straight razor she was holding fall to the floor. Darla runs out of the apartment and Eric pauses to look at one of Funboy's syringes as the scene cuts away. As originally filmed, Funboy sneaks up behind Eric at this point (see picture) holding the razor that was dropped on the floor earlier. According to Jeff Imada (stunt coordinator), the fight went like this:

   "The fight begins at the door when Eric picks up the hypo. Funboy slashes him across the back, driving him down to his knees. Eric is stunned, in shock, showing a lot of pain; Funboy grabs a big bag of coke and just inhales it, just going for it." It seems surprising that Eric's wounds aren't healing - this is because of the Skull Cowboy's warning (see above) - he had been 'working for the living' in helping Darla. "Funboy - now totally jacked up, coke all over his face - jumps on Eric and starts slashing him some more. Eric rolls over on his back, fending off Funboy's attack with his arms, which are getting all cut up. Funboy tries to slash Eric's face and neck, but Eric knocks him away and they struggle on the floor. Eric finally knocks Funboy back against some furniture, tables and lamps and stuff, and the straight razor goes flying. He goes after his gun, which Eric has left on his bed. This gives Eric a little bit of advantage, he does his throw, and knocks Funboy down to the ground, groggy. Then Eric reaches reaches for the hypo again.

   It was as a result of this fight that Eric used black electrical tape as bandages. You should notice the tape from this point onwards in the film. The tape helps define Eric's look - it comes straight out of the graphic novel. However, in the graphic novel, Eric carvs up his own arms out of despair and it is because the wounds are self inflicted that they don't heal.
(I am uncertain as to whether the scene showing Eric applying the tape was shot or not.) Skull Cowboy

# After Sarah is kidnapped, near the end of the film, the Skull Cowboy (see above) appears to Eric and tells him that his work is done and he must return to the grave. Eric, knowing that Sarah is in trouble, refuses to abandon her. "Then choose and be damned!", the Skull Cowboy replies, and crubles into dust (this special effect was not filmed, though the rest of the scene was). This is why Eric gets hurt at the end (in the church) - the idea of shooting the crow was brought in later, when the Skull Cowboy was cut.

Scenes that were never filmed:

# In the original script, T-Bird and his gang arrive at Eric and Shelley's apartment by mistake - they'd gone to the wrong place. This was to help show how random the violence was in the city, and to coincide with the graphic novel; in the graphic novel, the two are killed by joy riders, on a random basis.

# In one scene, Eric was supposed to tie a spent shell in his hair after killing an enemy - as per the graphic novel. This scene was not filmed, but the shell can apparently be seen in Eric's hair if you look close enough.

# Top Dollar, like Myca, also had some impressive tribalistic tatoos on his body. The scenes where these would have been seen were not filmed due to time constraints.

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Mistakes, goofs, errors, whatever you call them, every film seems to have some. The Crow is no exception...

Please Note: Although this may look like quite a long list, I still believe that The Crow is one of the best films I know - the goofs are here for the sake of trivia only. Oh, and I didn't find all of these goofs for myself, but I have verified them all (unless stated otherwise).

# Scene: Eric visits his apartment for the first time after his resurrection. We see the crow waiting for him on the bannister at the top of the stairs, by the door to Eric & Shelly's old room. The camera pans right, cutting the crow out of shot. A flutter of wings is heard, indicating that the crow has moved, but the crow's shadow remains perfectly still...

# Scene: Funboy and Darla at Funboy's place (above 'The Pit'). When Funboy falls to the bed (after being shot by Eric), his leg lifts up and we can see a pyrotechnics wire for a blood pack coming out of his clothing. (This is soon before the "My God! Look what you've done to my sheets!" line.)

# Scene: Gideon is in the bar, drinking (just after the scene where Eric deals with Funboy). Grange pours some liquid (whiskey?) into Gideon's glass. When the camera view changes, and Gideon is about to drink the liquid, we see that there is suddenly much more of it in the glass than there should be.

# Scene: Eric's first flashback to the past. Notice the pumpkin (with a candle in it) being smashed during the flashback... Yet, when the police are at the apartment right at the beginning of the film, the pumpkin is intact. - I suppose it could be a different pumpkin, they all look the same to me...

# Scene: Eric is fighting Tin-Tin. Eric throws Tin-Tin against a wall, Tin-Tin lands on his right side. Yet, when Eric goes over to him to pick him up, Tin-Tin is lying on his left side.

# Scene: The first scene at Maxi-Dogs. Sarah arrives, sits down next to Albrecht, and pushes her hood right down. We then see her from a side view, and her hood is up.

# Scene: The first scene at Maxi-Dogs. When Sarah is given a soda, she starts to drink it through a straw, making a noise normally associated with drinking out of an almost empty container.

# Scene: The second scene at Maxi-Dogs. Sarah is there and Gabriel the cat is sitting on the counter (very hygenic). You can see that Gabriel tries to get up and is being restrained.

# Scene: Sarah goes to Eric and Shelly's old apartment. Sarah says "To hell with you, I thought you cared." Eric appears (along with the sun) and says "Yes, Sarah, I do care." When the camera is on Sarah, we see Eric's shadow on the wall behind her. If you watch this shadow, you will see that it doesn't match with his shadow in adjacent shots (It shows Eric in the wrong position).

# Scene: Eric is in the back of T-Bird's car. Eric is shown holding Funboy's .44 to T-Bird's head. In a following scene (during the car chase), he is holding T-Bird's Berreta to his head.

# Scene: The shoot-out upstairs at the nightclub. Eric causes two of Top Dollar's 'associates' to fall to the nightclub floor below, each smashing some of the glass panels. The second person is visibly suspended by a cable.

# Scene: Eric and Top Dollar are fighting on the church roof. Top Dollar stabs Eric from behind with his sword. When lightning strikes, we can see the sword going under Eric's arm.

# Scene: Eric and Top Dollar are fighting on the church roof. When Eric uses Albrecht's memory of Shelley to kill Top Dollar, we see him reaching out to Top Dollar with his right hand. The view switches to the side and we see Eric reaching out with his left hand - his right hand follows later.

# Scene: At the very end of the film, Sarah is in the graveyard. As the crow drops the ring into Sarah's hand, it makes a clinking sound. This is very odd... perhaps the hand in the shot wasn't real...

# Scene: The shoot-out upstairs an the nightclub. Apparently Eric kills one of the bad guys twice! - I haven't got round to verifying that one, yet. If true, it certainly wasn't that guy's day...

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