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This is a page dedicated to the music that played such a big part in the film.
Both the soundtrack and score albums are dedicated to the memory of Brandon Lee.
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T H E    S O U N D T R A C K

The soundtrack album has the following tracks
(shown in the order in which they are used in the film):

Track DetailsPosition in the Movie
"BIG EMPTY" (4.55)
Written by Dean DeLeo and Scott Weiland
Performed by Stone Temple Pilots
Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation (1993)
T-Bird and his gang are leaving Arcade Games, before the explosion.
Written by For Love Not Lisa
Performed by For Love Not Lisa
Courtesy of EastWest Records America (1993)
T-Bird & co. are in the bar, swallowing bullets.
"BURN" (6.39)
Written by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte
Performed by The Cure
Courtesy of Fiction Records Ltd. and Elektra Entertainment. (1993)
In Eric's apartment, when he's painting his face.
"DEAD SOULS" (4.52)
Written by Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris
Performed by Nine Inch Nails
Courtesy of Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records. (1994)
When the crow flies past Gideons, and in Eric's running scenes on the roofs.
"TIME BABY III" (3.50)
Written by Jim Goodall, Brad Laner, Jim Putnam, Ed Ruscha and Beth Thompson
Performed by Medicine
Courtesy of American Recordings. (1994)
In the club when T-Bird wants to visit Top Dollar, Medicine is on stage, playing this.
Written by William Reid and Jim Reid
Performed by The Jesus and Mary Chain
Courtesy of Blanco Y Negro/American Recordings. (1993)
When Sarah skates to the bar, where Darla and Funboy are making out.
"COLOR ME ONCE" (4.10)
Written by Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie
Performed by Violent Femmes
Courtesy of Slash Records. (1993)
In the bar when the barman offers Sarah a root beer.
Written by Martin Rev and Alan Vega
Performed by Rollins Band
Courtesy of The Imago Recording Company
Myca is burning an eyeball while Top Dollar is sniffing cocaine when T-Bird visits them.
Written by Scott Benzel, Mike Fisher and Stuart Kupers
Performed by Machines of Loving Grace
Courtesy of Mammoth Records. (1994)
The scene in Funboy's flat - with Funboy and Darla both high on morphine...
Written by Page Nye Hamilton
Performed by Helmet
Courtesy of Interscope Records. (1994)
(note the misspelling on the album - it says 'MILKTOAST')
Gideon is in the bar, drinking - right before Darla comes rushing down the stairs
"THE BADGE" (3.53)
Written by Tom Roberts and Jerry Lang
Performed by Pantera
Courtesy of EastWest Records America. (1994)
Gideon is at Top Dollar's base - before he gets stabbed in the throat.
"DARKNESS" (3.41)
Written by Rage Against the Machine
Performed by Rage Against the Machine
Courtesy of Epic Associated. (1994)
When Albrecht gets out of his car, while Sarah is sitting at Maxi-Dogs.
Written by Buzz McCoy and Groovie Manr
Performed by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Courtesy of Interscope Records. (1994)
In the club right before (and partly during) the shoot-out, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult is on stage, playing this.
Written by Graeme Revell and Jane Siberry
Performed by Jane Siberry
Courtesy of Reprise Records. (1994)
End Credits

The soundtrack album is available on Atlantic/Interscope Records.

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T H E    S C O R E

Music Composed and Conducted by: Graeme Revell

   Graeme Revell was born in Aukland, New Zealand on 23 October 1955. He graduated with degrees in economics and politics, and played keyboards and percussion for '70s music group SPK. He has written music for an impressive number of film and TV projects, his first being the film Dead Calm (1989), the score for which was based on some of SPK's music. This score won him an Australian Film Industry award. His other credits include: Bankok Hilton (1989 - TV min-series), The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992), Body Of Evidence (1993), Street Fighter (1994), The Basketball Diaries (1995), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), The Craft (1996), The Crow: City Of Angels (1996) and The Saint (1997). IMDB page

THE SCORE - credits & track listing

Armenian duduk  : Djivan Gasparyan
Voices          : Bobbie Page
                  Darlene Koldenhoven
                  Chris Snyder
Shakuhacki      : Kazu Matsui
Trumpet         : Oscar Brashear
Percussion      : M.B. Gordy
Guitars         : Karl Verheyen and Philip Tallman

Programming and Keyboards               : Graeme Revell
Programming and musical sound design    : Brian Williams
Music Editor                            : Dick Bernstein
Assisted by                             : Philip Tallman
Mixing engineer                         : Dan Wallin

Orchestra conducted by                  : Tom Simonec
Choirmaster                             : Chip Woodward
Orchestrations by                       : Tim Simone and Graeme Revell
Music composed by                       : Graeme Revell
Album produced by                       : Graeme Revell
Executive album producer                : Robert Townson

The Motion Picture Score Album contains the following tracks:
1. birth of the legend6.16
2. resurrection2.10
3. the crow descends2.30
4. remembrance2.54
5. rain forever2.32
6. "her eyes.. so innocent"2.45
7. tracking the prey3.35
8. pain and retribution2.34
9. believe in angels3.31
10. captive child2.32
11. devil's night2.30
12. on hallowed grounds2.42
13. inferno5.02
14. return to the grave3.45
15. last rites3.55

NOTES: The first 30 seconds of track 10 and the first 55 seconds of track 13 are Eric's roof solos.

Track 7 is the 'Hangman's Joke' song containing the lyrics;

"It can't rain all the time. 
The sky won't fall forever. 
And though the night seems long, 
Your tears won't fall forever."

The Original Motion Picture Score is available on Varese Sarabande Records Inc.

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